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Hosted Services

Hosted Firewall

The Key to a secure network is a quality firewall. The SCOCA hosted firewall service is based on CISCO Pix Firewall technology which offers unmatched security, reliability and performance. The service includes no-cost management and software updates/upgrades. The SCOCA hosted firewall is capable of processing 5Gbps, 100,000 connections per second and 1 million concurrent connections. This robust level of service allows your network to remain secure without impacting the overall speed of your network.

Hosted ServicesSCOCA will install, configure and provide the hosted firewall service for $1,500 for the first 12 months. Subsequent annual contracts are discounted and offered for $1,000.

Service benefits:

• Protects your network from intrusion and attack
• 24/7/365 firewall monitoring
• Firewall is managed by trained SCOCA staff
• Eliminates multiple firewalls
• Customize your security policy to suit your network
• Provides high performance, redundant, stateful firewall

Protect your business. Call (800) 634-8828 to discuss your options.

Hosted IP Telephony

The cost of purchasing and maintaining a new telephone system may seem daunting. Not so! Consider this: As your system ages the costs continue to rise. Replacement parts, if available, become unaffordable and more and more service could mean you are paying as much as, if not more, than a new, more efficient system.

The SCOCA Hosted IP Telephony system is an enterprise grade CISCO phone system that brings the latest in IP telephony technologies and ease of management to your business. With a hosted CISCO phone system you are free from the worries that plague a typical phone system. Your call manager and voicemail system will be housed at the SCOCA Data Center where is it maintained by trained professionals and monitored around the clock.

With the mobility of an IP telephony system there is no longer a need to pay for a service call to have a phone moved into a new office. Imagine this: Just pick up the phone and move it. These features -- along with plenty of others we’d love to share -- make a CISCO hosted telephone system right for any situation.

Schedule an on-site consultation or call at 800-634-8828 for more information.

Hosted Virtual Services

The need for a server in any size office is undeniable. The simple ability to be able to provide workstation security as well as document and profile backup is invaluable.

SCOCA has the right solution for your business that is affordable and comes with the expertise needed to manage it. With a SCOCA service package, there are no more worries about system operation or cost-benefit concerns.

SCOCA Virtual Servers are deployed in our corporate, environmentally controlled Data Center where your private, secure server is hosted as part of an enterprise VMware infrastructure. As a part of this solution, we include an offsite backup solution to ensure data integrity for all of your sensitive files. SCOCA Virtual Servers are built to adapt to your growth. We have a menu of options that allow you to affordably upgrade your server resources. SCOCA provides all the benefits without all the technical hassle.

Schedule an onsite consultation or call at 800-634-8828 to find out more about virtualization with SCOCA.

Hosted Desktops

In today’s fast paced world mobility is the key to success. That means having the tools necessary to get the job done with you at all times. But how do you ensure that all of your documents will be available when you need them? Sure, services like Dropbox and Box.Net offer solutions but are you willing to host your sensitive documents on someone else’s servers?

With the SCOCA Hosted Desktop and Applications we will work with you to implement a CITRIX solution on your network, using hosted technologies to deliver a seamless work experience whether you’re onsite or away. No matter where you are in the world, with an Internet connection you can access your desktop with all of your documents and resources through an encrypted channel providing accessibility and maintaining security.

Call us today at 800-634-8828.

Hosted Email

In today’s workplace, email is an essential communication tool. At SCOCA, we provide a professional email service for your business via a hosted exchange solution. Perfect for any size business, your email addresses can be customized with your organization’s unique domain name.

SCOCA’s email package couldn’t be simpler or more robust. At $6 per account per year, we include email archiving as well as unlimited mailbox size and continuous backups. We will work with you to make the migration to SCOCA mail as simple as possible through onsite training and support.

Call us at 800-634-8828 for more information.