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About Us

Fibre One I, LLC together with Infinite Network Solutions and SCOCA, is based in Central and Southeastern Ohio. Currently, we have operations and facilities in the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our consultants, designers, engineers and entire support staff have assisted in the design and construction of our fiber based networks as well as in the maintenance of new and existing network structures.

Our staff is available 24/7 year-round to ensure that our customers are provided the experience and reliability necessary for quality solutions.

Lawrence Melvin
Fibre One I, LLC.

Involved in telecommunications construction since 1977, Mr. Melvin founded M&D Cable Company, a sole proprietorship, in 1980. He formed Star Cable Company, G.P. in 1983, providing cable television service to Franklin Furnace and Scioto County, Ohio. In 1991 he formed Cable TV Investments-One, Inc. to provide cable television service to the Otway area in western Scioto County. In addition to his 34 years of construction experience, Mr. Melvin is an AT&T Certified fiber optic cable splicer and has been very effective in identifying and pursuing new opportunities in the telecommunications industry creating tremendous growth for his business interests over the course of his career.