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"I recommend the professional services of Fibre One I LLC to any business or any organization that is interested in network fiber connectivity. Keith Melvin and his team of highly skilled professionals interconnected the five branches of American Savings Bank in a timely and professional manner. The project was completed on time and on budget. Network downtime for the bank did not occur. In all aspects of our project Keith was always accessible to answer any questions we had. Keith’s can do customer service attitude reflects well on himself and the business."

- Mike Berry, IT Manager, ASB.

"I recommend Fiber One I, for anyone who needs fiber connectivity to their business site. Keith has always been ready when I needed him. I have used Keith on several outside plant projects both underground and overhead and with the same excellent results. Keith has always been fair and competitive with his pricing and has always completed the projects on time and in a professional manner."

- Mike Pinson

"I have been in the cable business since 1973 and have recently retired. My expertise was in the construction, and turn on of new systems and rebuilds. I have been involved in building or rebuilding over 15,000 miles of plant.

In 1994 I was employed by Media-One, where we had the task of rebuilding 450 miles of plant a month, due to the competition of a telco overbuild in the Plymouth, Canton, Northville systems, all located in Michigan.

We employed every contractor that was known and unknown to myself. Not all of them had the skill of hanging and splicing fiber. Keith Melvin showed up at my office one day and said he could help me meet my goal of 450 miles a month. I asked him what the name of his company was and he told me M&D Cable. Never heard of them.

Told him to send up a fiber crew and we would give him a shot. I sent my top construction and technical person out to monitor their work, where I had given them a mile run of fiber. They came back the next afternoon and requested another run, told them there was no way they had completed the one I had given them, as it was a more difficult run. Called my construction guy in and he verified that it was up and looked great.

Keith told me that they could also splice the fiber, and if we needed he could hang and splice cable. I said send every crew he could muster. From 1994-2000 he worked for me at Media-One. Comcast purchased Media-one and I was working in the city of Detroit, a tough city to work in, M&D once again came through."

- Russell (Rusty) Kemper